Assessment Policy 2019 reviewed

St Josephs Accessibility Plan 2021 – 2024

Attendance Policy 2021 – 2022

Attendance Policy Addendum 2022

Updated Acceptable User Policy for parents and pupils 2021-2022

Acceptable User  Policy

AUP 21-22 Pupil Agreement KS1

AUP 21-22 Pupil Agreement KS2

The Use of Digital Images and Photographs May 2021 ver3

The use of social networking and online media

Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy Autumn 2018

Charging and Remission Policy January 2020

Complaints Policy 2022-23

COVID-19 – School Safeguarding and Child Protection Guidance June 2020

Equality and Diversity St Josephs March 2017

EYFS Policy March 2020

Freedom of Information Request form Sept 2022

Foreign Languages Policy 2019

Health and Safety Policy 2021

Homework Policy

Intimate Care Policy


Mobile Phones/Electronic Devices in school Policy Sept 2020

Online Safety Policy

Online Safety Policy appendices:

A1 – Incident Reporting Log

A2 – Policy “What to do if”

A3 – UKCCIS Overview of Sexting Guidance

A4 – Searching Screening and Confiscation

Positive Handling Policy updated 2019

Privacy Notice – Pupils May 2021 ver3

Pupil subject access request form2018 ver 1

Pupil educational access request form 2018

Remote Learning Policy 2020-21

RE Policy

RSHE Policy 2021

St Joseph’s Collective Worship Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection 2021-22

St Joseph’s SEND Policy 2022-2023

SMSC Policy December 2019

Supporting pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

Teaching and Learning Nov 2017

Whistleblowing 2021-22