About Our School

About Our School



As the Head Teacher of St Joseph’s, I work closely with staff to ensure that Christ is at the centre of all that we do. Children will soon learn that my favourite word is JOY!  Each year, when I meet with our new parents, I tell them that I expect all staff to treat children in the way that I would expect my children to be treated in school.  If you visit us, you will witness a very nurturing and positive approach.

As a Catholic school community, we believe that all learning is about God, His world and our role within it. Our calling is to know, love and serve God, therefore we also have a duty to help our neighbour towards human wholeness; to nurture each other and bring out the best of our God-given gifts in one another in a loving and forgiving environment. This is reflected in our daily relationships and made explicit in our Mission Statement:

St Joseph’s is a joyful community which follows the example of Jesus, helping, accepting and respecting everyone, as we learn and grown together, safe in His love.

Positive relationships are the aim of every school. At St. Joseph’s we strive to work with parents and carers to help each other to do our best for all children, reflecting the sentiments of our mission statement.