Attendance and Medical Information

Attendance and Medical Information

Please refer to our Attendance policy under Policies on website.

Please find below a link to Public Health guidance notes.

Guidance on infection control in schools

Medicines at School

The Local Authority ruling is that no medicines can be given by staff members in school because of the possibility that they might be inappropriate, cause a reaction in particular cases, or be improperly given. Parents however are permitted to come into school and administer medicines.

Asthma and allergy related medication can be kept by the school office. Parents are asked to complete necessary forms to ensure proper permissions are given.

Any requests beyond these guidelines should be discussed with the Head Teacher, who may seek advice from the school nurse and/or the Local Authority.

Accidents and Emergencies

If your child is taken ill at school or has an accident, it may be necessary to contact you urgently. Please make sure that you keep the school office informed of any change of address, telephone number, place of work, hours of work and work telephone. New parents will be asked to fill in a form which asks for all this information. Should you change your place of work, please ensure that the school’s information is updated.