School Rules and Discipline

School Rules and Discipline

Underpinning our school rules are the Gospel Values from The Beatitudes. Children are expected to behave in a reasonable and responsible manner both to themselves and to others, showing courtesy to others and respect for their environment at all times. It is hoped that an imposed discipline will gradually give way to a growing sense of self-discipline. The school rules have been devised to maintain a secure, orderly and purposeful atmosphere for all who work in the school.  Our Behaviour & Discipline Policy is available under School Policies.

Our school looks to parental support in matters of discipline and assisting the development of good work habits on the part of the children.

A programme called ‘Stay On Green’ Assertive Discipline is used in our school.  The purpose of it is to encourage and reward positive or good behaviour. Rewards and sanctions have been drawn up between children and teachers and are displayed in our classrooms.

There are also rewards and sanctions for playground behaviour.

Assisting in supporting positive behaviour is our House Point system, whereby children are awarded points which accummulate towards the awarding of the House Cup each week.