Year 6

Year 6

Manor Adventure 2019

Day One:

We have arrived in Shropshire after a very wet journey.  However, despite the rain, everyone is in good spirits!

The children have unpacked, taken part in two activities and enjoyed their first dinner.

Tomorrow’s activities include fencing, volleyball and water activities.

Day Two:

The rain did not dampen spirits amongst the children and staff.  The children took part in a number of activities today including, volleyball, fencing, archery and a very wet trip to the lake for kayaking.

Our evening activity gave the whole group a chance to get in out of the rain and complete in a quiz.  There were various rounds for teams to show off their general knowledge prowess including Harry Potter, geography and even Moana (the teachers did not fare so well in that round!).

Tomorrow the forecast is looking a little more positive.  We have high hopes for a good nights sleep ahead of the hill walk tomorrow morning!

Day Three:

Another day of rain dawned and we donned our waterproofs with enthusiasm. This morning, we all piled into coaches and headed for the hills. It was lovely to leave the site, see local wildlife, cross streams and climb over rocks.  After a well-deserved lunch, we managed to get some free time outside and the children loved having the chance to play football on the green.   This afternoon, various activities took place: archery, fencing, swimming and team games.

The weather promises to be better tomorrow.  However, at least we have the disco to look forward to if not!

The children are having a blast and have been real troupers through the bad weather!