History and Geography

History and Geography

History – Mrs S Barry

History is taught as part of the International Primary Curriculum. Topics are designed to not only develop children’s knowledge of different periods of history in both the United Kingdom and around the globe, it also encourages progress in key historical skills which include:

Chronological Understanding;

Historical Interpretation and Enquiry

Organisation and Communication? (Year 3- 6 only).

In addition, key dates and anniversaries are celebrated throughout the year. This includes Black History Month and Remembrance Day. This gives children the opportunity to have a greater understanding of the world around them, whilst also promoting tolerance and equality.

Geography – Miss E Noll

Learning in geography at St. Joseph’s is based around the International Primary Curriculum. Learning in geography aims to develop children in the following areas:

– Locational Geography;

– Place Geography;

– Human and Physical Geography;

– Fieldwork Skills.